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Who We Are

Tell-Tale Press is a woman-owned business catering to the horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery genres in fiction writing.

Andrea Dawn has extensive experience as a technical editor and writer since 1998, fueled by a B.A. in English with an emphasis in literature and creative writing. She ventured into fiction editing starting in 2016 through her work with independent publishers and writers. She has been heavily involved in creating both award-winning and four- and five-star novels and anthologies.

Her previous work includes writing and editing public and classified documents for government agencies and corporations. She used her education to design documents around making them legible in layman's terms for the general public. She's written reports, proposals, Standard Operating Procedures, and procedural documents for OSHA, DEQ, USACE, and USAF, among others. She also works as a Transcriptionist and has been employed by such agencies as the SyFy Channel, IBM, WWE, NASA, the Arizona Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, government branches, and various Fortune 500 companies. From 2004 to 2014, Andrea published the blog For the Tennessee Walking Horse and helped bring the illegal practice of soring of the popular horse breed to the public.

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Our Readers


Dutch has experience as both a DJ and a member of the press, reviewing horror events, films, TV shows, and books. Her fondness for horror is realized in working within the criminal justice system. She is also actually a cat. So there's that.

Evan Romero

Evan is a contributor to and Exploitation Retrospect. He's had stories published in Rejected for Content 5: Asylum, Rejected for Content 6: Workplace Relations, and Triggered. His first novella, Hornwolf, is due out from Blood Bound Books in 2019. He likes his horror human and mean; his crime blacker than noir. A native of California, he now lives in the Midwest.