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The Creatures Anthologies

Considering creatures within the fantasy genre opens up all kinds of fascinating worlds. From unicorns to dragons, from minotaurs to centaurs. The creatures within these pages will delight and tantalize you, will unnerve and fascinate you. Our gifted and award-winning authors have given us true tales of the fantastic, and they are...

Michael M. Jones  ~  Gustavo Bondoni  ~  Beth Stillman Blaha   ~  Nickolas Urpi  ~  Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen  Chris Wheatley   ~  Maia Cornish  ~  Rose Strickman  ~  Zach Shephard   ~  Tim Jeffreys  ~  Hansen Adcock

We hope you enjoy these fantastic stories and this fanciful journey into the world of fantasy creatures!

Paperback - $9.99

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Creatures. In the horror genre, the word conjures instincts of fear and flight, of tingles down your spine and creeping terror across your brain. From towering giants to crawling atrocities, we present to you twenty stories from the minds of award-winning and experienced authors and newcomers to the genre from across the globe. We are proud to feature these fine ladies and gentlemen and their talents between these pages.

Eric J. Guignard  ~  Jason J. McCuiston  ~  Danielle Davis  ~  Jamie Mason  ~  Dan Fields

Kenneth Bykerk  ~  Joseph S. Walker  ~  Gregory L. Norris  ~  Mark Silcox  ~  Nicola Lombardi

Melissa Watkins Starr  ~  D.C. Phillips  ~  Isabella Hunter  ~  P. R. O'Leary  ~  Lawrence Dagstine

Jennifer Loring  ~  T.J. Tranchell  ~  A.M. Harte  ~  Oreoluwa Arowobusoye  ~  Matthew Lyons

May the creatures in this anthology awaken your primitive senses and make you think twice before reaching for that light to turn it off and plunge you into darkness.

Paperback $11.99

Amazon Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS 


A xenological invasion. A creature in the pipes. A monster in the dark. A dragon. And childhood toys that are more than they seem.

Five novelettes. Five stories that will force you to get in touch with our undeniable connection to the animal and insect worlds and the monster within... for are we really all that different from the monsters that we loathe? Our deft and expert authors have won awards and had work in award-winning anthologies, and these stories showcase their gift for terrifying us but also in finding the humanity through our fear. They are...

Gordon B. White  ~  James Dorr  ~  Mark Pantoja  ~  Jon Gauthier  ~  Peter Emmett Naughton

We challenge you to read these stories, but only if you're ready to explore the nightmarish creatures within us all.

Paperback $9.99

Amazon Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS


Murder, mystery, and... monsters? We have eleven new stories in this mystery and crime anthology combining creatures with intrigue in unusual ways. We travel to the Victorian era, deal with the mob, solve a strange murder in a cyborg-like community, and discover a new species of... something.

Each of our authors, experienced and new to the genre alike, has given us a fascinating and original look at the subjects of mystery and crime. They are...

Edward Lodi  ~  Evan Dicken  ~  Joseph Watson   ~  Kevin A. Harris  ~  Lawrence Berry  ~  Justin Boote 

Edward Ahern   ~  Diane Arrelle  ~  Kenneth C. Goldman  ~  L.L. Hill  ~ J.B. Dane

May you enjoy these thrilling stories, designed to draw you in and look at creatures in enigmatic new ways.

Paperback $9.99

Amazon Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS


Science fiction has always explored various types of creatures, from aliens to nanobots, from dinosaurs to insects. We humans have always had a scientific fascination with the monsters around us, even within us on a biological level, and we cover quite a lot of them in this anthology.

These atmospheric stories come from authors around the world, award winners and newcomers alike, and they have found the humanity within the creatures they write about, even from within the scientific world. They are...

Lawrence Berry  ~  K.L. Nappier  ~  Elana Gomel   ~  Manuel Royal  ~  J. David Liss  ~  John B. Rosenman

Leah Veil  ~  Derek Paterson  ~  Peter Palmieri  ~  Stanley B. Webb  ~  Jennifer Jeanne McArdle

These stories cover a wide spectrum but still come down to the universal truth: that we humans will always be fascinated and intrigued by the creatures in our world... and beyond.

Paperback - $9.99

Amazon Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS

The Winter Holidays Anthologies

Is Santa really happy with his job? Can a young woman accept a fuzzy ball of fluff as her friend? Can witch find revenge within peace? And who--or what--are these holidays really about anyway?

Welcome to this first volume of Tell-Tale Press's anthology series The Spell Books: Winter Holidays. Herein you'll find the whimsical to the reflective, from the selfish to the self-sacrifice. Here you will learn about Mother's Night, how Santa really gets details on what kids want for Christmas, and the difficult relationship between a father and his children. Our wonderful cast of authors, both critically acclaimed and brand new, include...

Manuel Royal  ~  Nidhi Singh  ~  Fiona Moore  ~  Claire Davon  ~  Gustavo Bondoni 

Nickolas Urpi  ~  Jaap Boekestein  ~  Anne Younger  ~  Eric Reitan  ~  Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen

Fantasy Abounds in these stories, and we believe they are filled with the magic of the season. May you find joy in reading them all.

Paperback - $9.99 

Amazon Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS


A family gathers in a remote cabin to celebrate Christmas, but not everyone is going to arrive. A mother gives her son the gift he most wants, even though he didn't mean it. A girl gets lots on Halloween, but too easily, she alludes the police officer trying to find her. A Russian Christmas terror, an 1800s horrifying mystery, a hunt for a Christmas angel... and much more to terrify you this holiday season.

Welcome to the first volume of Tell-Tale Press's anthology series The Blood Tomes: Winter Holidays. We present to you fifteen horror stories that explore various winter holidays, from Christmas to Fet Ghede, the voodoo Festival of the Ancestors. Our authors have presented us with tales that explore various realms of the horror genre, from personal to apocalyptic, from dark beauty to terrible truths. We have tantalizing tales from these authors, both critically acclaimed and brand new:

Tim Jeffreys  ~  D.S. Ullery  ~  Eric J. Guignard  ~  Ken MacGregor  ~  K.L. Nappier  ~  Lawrence Berry

J. Federle  ~  B.J. Thrower  ~  Jeanne Bannon  ~  Joshua Harding  ~  Kenneth Bykerk 

Christine Makepeace  ~  Daniel Coronel  ~ Jason J. McCuiston  ~ Lawrence Dagstine ~ Elena Sichrovsky

Each author has given us a tale to remember, one to keep us awake so we can stay up to meet Santa. But then, after reading these stories, will you really want to?

                                                                         Paperback - $9.99

                                                                         Amazon Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS


Missing puppies need to be found, a year in the life of an unusual family, a strangely familiar body found in a home, a dead man sparks an old memory, and Santa has a murder to solve. These five plots round out the first volume of The Case Files from Tell-Tale Press, a gathering of mystery and crime stories that reflect on the winter holidays theme. From classic whodunits to stories that are closer to the heart, we believe these stories capture the winter holidays in interesting and unusual ways.

Our experienced and critically acclaimed authors include...

J.B. Dane  ~  Diane Arrelle  ~  Ken MacGregor  ~  Melissa Watkins Starr  ~  Michael M. Jones

So time to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a snuggly blanket by the fire, to learn what winter holidays are all about in the world of mystery fiction.

Paperback - $6.99

Amazon Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS


Have you wondered what Earth's holidays would be like a few thousand years in the future... or perhaps a few decades? Have you wondered if there were ever a way to lure Santa into your home? What about what the mice in the walls think about your holiday traditions? Or that maybe, just maybe, perhaps winter traditions aren't so Earthly in their origins at all?

The very talented authors who have contributed to Volume 1 of The Starship Logs from Tell-Tale Press have ruminated on these subjects and come up with some stories that are filled with speculation, wonder, and the indelible spirit of our winter holidays theme. We are proud to feature stories from the minds of...

Andrew McCormick  ~  Rivka Jacobs  ~  Zach Shephard  ~  Stanley B . Webb  ~  Quinn Parker

KB Nelson  ~  J.A. Bryson  ~  Edward Ahern  ~  Gregg Chamberlain  ~  Alexis Ames

We hope you enjoy this peek in the possibilities of where we are and where we'll go from here. May they brighten your minds, and 01001000 01000001 0101000 01010000 01011001 00100000 01001000 01001111 01001001 01000100 01000001 01011001 01010011!*                                                                        *Happy holidays!

Paperback - $9.99

Amazon Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS